My two personalities

Yes, that’s right,  I have two personalities.  And according to me ….it’s normal.

I inhabit a stressed personality and then my natural personality.  That is a Tara Brachism, I think.  This is new ground for me and understanding this is going to help me develop the tools I need to reduce the presence of the stressed personality.

I just realized this little snippet last week when I was caught up in some ugliness w my business partner.  And then I listened to Tara Brach and she clarified what I was experiencing.  Never before in the history of my thinking can I remember ever understanding that I was witnessing the presence of this stressed personality.  I always thought of it as the “bad” part of me and I’ve always considered it a weakness of mine.  This inability to calm down, my explosive temper and the nasty things that escape from my mouth and the downright lethalness which I deliver them with.

Thats a “WOW” Moment for me.   It seems so elementary ….and maybe it is ….maybe it’s something I forgot or Just needed to get reacquainted with.

In any case it’s lead me to the next topic of discovery.


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