Using now as a point of reference

So where am I starting from?

Well, Id say the transformation started at least 5 years ago.  Of course at the time I had no idea that I was going to make such a drastic change – thats par for the course.  While I plan well locally I don’t plan globally.

I started to become unhappy because I did not have enough me time, I was spending too much time in transit for work, I no longer enjoyed what I did for work nor did I respect the companies I was employed with.  (I was auditing as a consultant for numerous financial services companies and I realized how disgustingly predatory they were to the average citizen and how I was on some level helping them in their pursuits). That’s a lot of unhappiness wrapped up in one package, if you ask me.  And I was asking!   Giggle.

So I downsized my life style and move back home to pa.

I remember thinking at the time……that I didn’t care if I ended up homeless……I’d rather be hanging out at the library doing exactly what I want than spend another minute in the company of a corporate enslaver or fellow enslavee and to hell w their 10 million dollars cafeterias, complete w Italian leather chairs, flat screen TV’s and buffets of organic food.

I was unhappy and I didn’t want to stay that way….and that was the end of it.

Enslavee…..a new word……what employees are really referred to as in the boardroom.  Giggle.


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